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Saving Water and Energy is just the beginning.

Ultra-Low Flush Toilet Technology That Will Deliver Oustanding Energy & Water Saving Results for Any Project.

Through our range of innovative bathroom products, we are saving our clients thousands of dollars each year on their water and energy bills, our simple proven method delivers outstanding reliable results time-after-time. Our product is unique in the sense that it combines proven water-saving technology with foolproof reliability.

How it works
We’ve devised a system with Drainwave Australia that takes Azzurra’s 6 Star WELS rated toilets and taps and transforms them into a super-efficient ecosystem of bathroom products with the sole purpose of saving water, energy, and money on auto-pilot. This technology is so simple, that it requires no user intervention, no specialist trades or expensive tools to install and requires zero power to operate.
Azzurra has been manufacturing bathroom products for over 2 decades and we hear from our clients every day about how hard it can be to shift consumer habits, so we’ve listened very carefully and adopted a different approach to sustainability, one that is in harmony with human nature, we’ve been engineering and improving the operation of our ranges and not the process of how and when we use these items.

What you should do next
Obviously, you’ve found this page through your own research or via a link form a colleague or possibly through a sustainability campaign that we’ve been running however, it doesn’t matter how you found us, what’s important is what you do next… we are available to discuss in detail how we can assist you and your clients with these simple very cost-effective products to achieve better Green Star or NABERS rating outcomes. Our team is on standby waiting for your call +61 7 3630 1122. Alternatively, request more information via the button below and we will call you back at a more convenient time.

Azzurra’s 6 STAR WELS rated Toilet range consists of several models that cater to most building applications.

  • Market Entry Close Coupled Toilet
  • Premium Wall Faced Toilet
  • Ambulant Height Toilet
  • Inwall Cisterns & Pedestal Pan

Note: All of these toilets must be connected to a Drainwave unit to meet the 6 STAR WELS Rating however since it is not a one-for-one ratio please contact Azzurra for more details and pricing.

Products below are for illustration purposes only and do not represent actual product sizes or scale

Available 6 Star WELS Rated Toilet Products

Green Star  NABERS

Looking for easy points on your next big project? Azzurra can help!


Experienced Manufactuer

Azzurra has been manufacturing a variety of Bathroom products locally in Brisbane for over 20 years, offering the Australian community a wealth of advice, experience, and support. Our vast network reaches all corners of Australia and Overseas where we have developed water-efficient solutions to the UAE.


Water Mark Certified

Azzurra has been instrumental in developing new Australian Standards to support the plumbing industry and best practice. All of our products meet or exceed these standards so you can be assured that you are dealing with a proven professional Australian organisation.


WELS 6 Star Rated

Azzurra has been the go-to-market leader for water-efficient plumbing product solutions that meet the changing needs of local markets. Azzurra, has partnered with Brisbane manufacturer Drainwave, to pioneer the only 6 STAR WELS rated dual flush toilet system in Australia. 


Free Information

Azzurra provides a lot of free information however, we’ve found over the years that the best way to take full advantage of our solutions is through a tailored presentation, specifically designed to meet the needs of every project, the beauty about this method is it only takes a short amount of time to determine the best solution.


Professional & Friendly Staff

Azzurra is committed to serving our customers and invests heavily in our employees to ensure you are getting the right outcome for your business and clients. The staff at Azzurra pride themselves on helping others to achieve great things in water management. We’d love to hear from you  +61 7 3630 1122


On Call 24/7

It seems like a funny way to describe it but, our products are literally on call 24/7 working effortlessly in the background while you go about your business every day or night, saving you time, money, and energy on autopilot with no fuss. We have proven that changing the system and not the process is key to a successful outcome.

Together We Can Make A Difference


Here you will find only a handful of our most commonly asked questions.

Conserving Energy

Do water efficient toilets use power?

The added benefit of using an Azzurra 6 STAR WELS rated dual flush toilet is no power is required, unlike other competing products such as Macerating or Vacuum operated toilets, these toilets (Macerating & Vacuum) have been known to cause blocked drains due to their inability to flush the drain line clean. It is also true that these same products require expensive energy-consuming pumps and specialist plumbing to operate which has a negative effect on the environment and your wallet.

Time is Running Out

Do your toilets take longer to install?

The simple answer is no, the Azzurra Eco toilets are the same as any other standard toilet to install, however, there is a small amount of time required to install the Drainwave unit, which is an essential component of the system to ensure against any blockages occurring, each project will differ on the number of Drainwaves required, so it’s crucial to talk with one of our Water Strategists to optimize the ROI for each project.

It's About All Life on Earth

Why do I need to save water?

There are lots of reasons why you should be saving water, this precious resource alone is responsible for all life on earth, by preserving it we protect this and the environment. Have you also considered that reducing water consumption also reduces the amount of energy required to process and deliver water, this reduction in energy limits pollution caused by fossil-fueled power stations. As you can see there are many side benefits of managing how we use and consume water.

When will The Reality Sink In

How Much Water Can I save?

It comes down to how well you manage your water use, there are many tips and tricks to improve water consumption however, if you are looking for a solution that works on auto pilot, products that don’t require any user input then the Azzurra Eco range of taps & toilets are for you. For example, Installing a 6 Star WELS rated toilet alone will save you around 30%, supporting our full range of Eco water efficient products such as taps could give you savings in the region of 50% or more, compared with traditional plumbing fixtures, so it’s definitely worthwhile doing.

Contaminated Water

What is recycled water?

Water recycling is the process of taking effluent (wastewater and sewage) and treating it so that it can be reused, there are some very obvious concerns regarding this practice which you can find online.

For potable (drinkable) use, the recycled water must be treated to a sufficiently high level which is expensive to do, before it’s suitable for human consumption.

However, one of the many benefits of choosing smart water efficient products such as the Azzurra 6 Star Eco toilet, will help to reduces the need to add treated effluent to our drinking water because, our fresh water stores in dams are being preserved for longer during periods of severe drought.

Nothing Good Comes from Bottled Water

What if we just use bottled water?

There are many health and environmental reasons why saving water is more beneficial than using disposable bottled water, you save money, live healthier, and join a movement for global sustainability. It takes 3 times the amount of water in a bottle of water to make it as it does to fill it. Plastic water bottles are made from a petroleum product called polyethylene terephthalate (PET), which requires giant amounts of fossil fuels to make and transport.

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